Temporada, Canberra City – A Review

This review for Temporada has taken me a month to put up. Why? I’d say it’s due to my complete laziness, and the fact that I’m never out of the kitchen, cooking, long enough to actually write reviews of where I’ve been when out of the kitchen. Temporada was a restaurant that had been on…… Continue reading Temporada, Canberra City – A Review


Bermagui Oyster Room- A Review

My friend A and I are oyster lovers. A put me on to Wapengo Rocks oysters and I’ll hand on heart tell you, they’re the best oysters I’ve eaten. She bought me back 2 doz a couple of months ago and my dad I stood at his kitchen bench shucked and ate the lot in…… Continue reading Bermagui Oyster Room- A Review

Day to Day Stuff

In My Kitchen – January 2015

Welcome to my Kitchen for the month of January. Wowsers. It’s January 2015. Fun fact: we’re as far¬†away from 2000 as we are from 2030. Weird, hey. Want to see what Back to the Future got right for our year of 2015?¬†Expect Marty McFly in October, apparently. How quick did 2014 go? Was it a…… Continue reading In My Kitchen – January 2015