Saturday Night Chippy Nuggets, it’s this easy.

If you have small, mid and teen sized children then you’re well aware of the allure, the addiction, the absolute obsession that children of all ages have for the chicken nugget. And if you’re intelligent enough to have read all the Women’s Weekly, Parenting Monthly (?) and Donna Hay magazines, you know just how much…… Continue reading Saturday Night Chippy Nuggets, it’s this easy.

Day to Day Stuff

The Girls and my herbs.

  We have 6 girls that we’ve welcomed into the family. We use to have 3, Petunia, Hermione and Little Ninja. It’s been a stressful day in the world of suburban backyard chickens. We have a serious moulter…. ….who walks around like she’s drunk; we had to de-worm, de-louse, and re-nutrient all the ladies, and…… Continue reading The Girls and my herbs.