Morks, Kingston Foreshore – A Review

This will probably be the worst review you’ve read about¬†Morks. Why? Well, I’d like to think of myself as a true foodie first, and a blogger second, therefore I photographed, ate, enjoyed and gesticulated wildly about the place, and ate some more, drank a fabulous Alsace Pinot Gris,¬†(thanks M, tops choice), yapped and caught up…… Continue reading Morks, Kingston Foreshore – A Review


Butter Chicken – Curry in not such a hurry

Who hasn’t felt like a creamy, spicy butter chicken on a Sunday afternoon, about 4ish, for dinner, and then realised that most of the recipes call for 75 different spices and a minimum of a 24 hour marinade in the fridge? No? Oh, well, I often do. I’ve come up with a recipe for one…… Continue reading Butter Chicken – Curry in not such a hurry