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Espresso Room, Tuggeranong – Coffee Reveiw

I’ve decided to review coffee places, as well as everywhere else I eat. We popped into the Hyperdome before a netty game on Saturday to lodge something at the Post Office, only to be told they don’t take lodgements on Saturday. So we went for a coffee instead. I really like the set up of…… Continue reading Espresso Room, Tuggeranong – Coffee Reveiw


A Salted Caramel Journey – Ricardo’s Cafe, Jamison – Review

I had experienced the heavenly joy of a Ricardo’s Cafe salted caramel cronut on one occasion at work, and even though I’m not a sweet gal, I was so enthralled by the creation. It’s probably the sweet n savoury combination of caramel and salt that tickled my tastebuds. I was determined to introduce Tweenie to…… Continue reading A Salted Caramel Journey – Ricardo’s Cafe, Jamison – Review