Sydney Cove Oyster Bar – A Review

What a perfect day in Sydney.  Is there anything more iconic and awe inspiring than the Sydney Harbour Bridge on a sunny warm winters day? In July, Devaney and I headed to Sydney for a concert. Not a rock or pop concert, but the Sydney Symphony Orchestra playing the scores to a number of Tim Burton…… Continue reading Sydney Cove Oyster Bar – A Review


Temporada, Canberra City – A Review

This review for Temporada has taken me a month to put up. Why? I’d say it’s due to my complete laziness, and the fact that I’m never out of the kitchen, cooking, long enough to actually write reviews of where I’ve been when out of the kitchen. Temporada was a restaurant that had been on…… Continue reading Temporada, Canberra City – A Review

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High Fidelity, Phoenix Players – A Review

A Night at the Theater I’ve been given the wonderful opportunity to see a local Canberra musical based on a cult movie that I’ve watched several times. It’s one of those classic movies where you feel a connection with the characters, and even though they’re all terribly flawed, you envy their position in life and…… Continue reading High Fidelity, Phoenix Players – A Review


Morks, Kingston Foreshore – A Review

This will probably be the worst review you’ve read about Morks. Why? Well, I’d like to think of myself as a true foodie first, and a blogger second, therefore I photographed, ate, enjoyed and gesticulated wildly about the place, and ate some more, drank a fabulous Alsace Pinot Gris, (thanks M, tops choice), yapped and caught up…… Continue reading Morks, Kingston Foreshore – A Review


Bermagui Oyster Room- A Review

My friend A and I are oyster lovers. A put me on to Wapengo Rocks oysters and I’ll hand on heart tell you, they’re the best oysters I’ve eaten. She bought me back 2 doz a couple of months ago and my dad I stood at his kitchen bench shucked and ate the lot in…… Continue reading Bermagui Oyster Room- A Review


Aria, Sydney – A Review

I A recent trip to Sydney to see the London Symphony Orchestra at the Sydney Opera House, with my Dad, was cause for celebration. The LSO hadn’t been to Australia in 30 years, I’ve never been inside the Opera House and I’ve never seen an Orchestra live. I’m a late comer to Classical music and…… Continue reading Aria, Sydney – A Review


Penny University – A review

I don’t get out to the “On Trend” restaurants much these days. It’s all about the clubs with the playgrounds and the occasional suburban restaurant for dinner with girlfriends. And considering I live in Tuggeranong, I rarely get to the other side of town unless it’s for a specific event. But my team wanted to…… Continue reading Penny University – A review

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A weekend of good food, good friends and close family. Grateful.

It was Tweenie’s 12th birthday this month, and when asked what kind of cake she wanted, her answer was quick. Chocolate. Chocolate mudcake. The kid loves chocolate anything. If I introduced her to chocolate insects, she’d probably delight in another food group that she could just add chocolate to. She didn’t want a party, she…… Continue reading A weekend of good food, good friends and close family. Grateful.


Snapper by The Lake @ The Yacht Club, Canberra Southern Cross Club – Review

What better view of Canberra’s iconic Black Mountain Tower (or Telstra Tower to us oldies) could there be? I’m standing out the front of the Canberra Southern Cross Club’s reinvention of the Fish n Chip cafe/kiosk at the Yacht Club. And my thoughts on Canberra’s newest Fish and Chippery, Snapper? Fan-fishin-tastic. I don’t know what I…… Continue reading Snapper by The Lake @ The Yacht Club, Canberra Southern Cross Club – Review


The Best seafood experience. Ever. Seafood House, Kuta, Bali

On our recent trip to Bali we made a few treks to Kuta, for shopping, sight seeing and the food. Having never been to Bali, let alone Kuta, I was a little overwhelmed. If I’m honest, Kuta isn’t somewhere I’d rush back to, if and when we head back to Bali. In saying that though,…… Continue reading The Best seafood experience. Ever. Seafood House, Kuta, Bali