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Eat Drink Blog 15 – A Post in Pictures


In the middle of October I was lucky enough to attend the national annual Eat Drink Blog 2015 conference. When Canberra won the  vote to hold the conference, most Canberra bloggers were really excited. This was our chance to show the rest of Australia just how damn good the Nations Capital was. The place to be, just ask any of us and we’ll tell you. So much happened over this weekend that I’ve decided to do a post in pictures. Check out the Testimonial page, where you’ll find a bunch of very dedicated bloggers who have done their very best to capture much more than I did!

The EDB15 committee did an absolutely wonderful job, in such a short space of time, to show off Canberra in one weekend. And that was no mean feat.

So, here goes…

Friday – Day 1

The Hamlet was our first stop, for registration. We were expecting a casual affair, with a few bites to eat and a drink or two. Sadly, we were mistaken. What we got was more food than you could poke a fork at. More bubbles than you could poke a straw at, more doughnuts than you poke a, well, tongue at. The welcoming speech by Andrew Barr was next and then more networking than I’ve ever experienced in my short lived bloggers life. Wow,  just freakin’ wow.

Aprils Caravan – pumping out a number of the fancy drinks you see below.
Lemon meringue pie milkshakes. Whaaat!
Apple pie milkshakes. Yes, yes they are.
Mr Papa’s ginger beer and passionfruit drink, so refreshing on a balmy October evening.
Barnsworth bubbles baby

Next up was the food. So. Much. Food.

Chasing Mr Morris dougnuts
Mooooore Chasing Mr Morris doughnuts
The Mr Brathaus, serving up Canberra’s best sausages. And schnitty’s. And sauerkraut. And potato salad
Mr Papa Chanchito’s, spicy pork belly burgers, delicious!

After feeding our faces at the Hamlet, we joined our groups to explore Braddon, did you know just how much of a food and beverage hot spot Braddon has become? So many new places, even the food bloggers can’t keep up.

First up was the ever enthusiastic King of Ice cream Mr Frujii, extolling the virtues of roasting one’s own cacao beans from scratch. John explained how chocolate came to be and how he was interviewed by the world renowned Chocolatier George Bernadini, who flew halfway round the world as he’d heard of the Canberra bloke making his own chocolate and wanted to put him his book. What a well deserved honour.


Lemon myrtle ice cream – a sweet refreshing hit after all the food at the Hamlet

Second up was Hopscotch, a very trendy (and busy) bar with a huge outdoor drinking space and plenty of groovy tunes. What appears below has recently joined their outdoor bar, Popscotch, menu – gin and tonic icy pole in a sweet moscato – the Poptail. Too cool for school.

Poptail G and T

Next we moved on to Marble and Grain for a lesson in Whiskey. Matching whiskey with foods, to be precise.

Unfortunately there weren’t many scotch drinkers on my table. Oh well, someone’s gotta take one (or four) for the team
3 different dishes to be tasted with a range of aged Glenfiddich whiskeys. Local venison sausages and apple and horseradish, goats cheese with fig on pumpernickel and rockmelon with local smoked duck breast. A real eye opener for me

Last stop on the food drink train was Lucky’s Speakeasy. If you’ve been around for as long as I have, you’ll know Lucky’s in a previous life as Bobby McGees. Oh my, the memories (or not, depending on the number of bourbons drunk on that Monday night that was hospitality Monday). Injectable doughnuts and a wine to end the evening. As if I hadn’t had enough by then. Phew.

Wine and syringes, normal way to end a Friday night

This concluded the first evening of EDB#15 So much more was to come over the next two days. A month later and it seems a distant memory, but this post in pictures has bought the sheer excess and excitement screaming back.

Stay tuned for more.

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      1. Sounds like a great idea! I haven’t actually been to the Hamlet since – keep meaning to but not actually getting there…we’re planning to take the kids to see the Xmas lights, so I’ll maybe try and grab dinner there then…


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