Snapper by The Lake @ The Yacht Club, Canberra Southern Cross Club – Review


What better view of Canberra’s iconic Black Mountain Tower (or Telstra Tower to us oldies) could there be? I’m standing out the front of the Canberra Southern Cross Club’s reinvention of the Fish n Chip cafe/kiosk at the Yacht Club. And my thoughts on Canberra’s newest Fish and Chippery, Snapper? Fan-fishin-tastic. I don’t know what I like more about the place? The location – watching the yachts and Canberra’s dragon boats gliding across the still, blue waters of Lake Burley Griffin, with the sun shining down, and a warm breeze making the water lap at the edges of the green, green grass?

Or is it the redesigned menu – fresh fish from the coast, shipped up each day and battered/crumbed to order, crunchy chips and other seafood items?


Is it the lovely, well priced pastries that Chef Jojy prepares onsite, salads; wraps; bacon and egg rolls on the weekend using Pialligo Estate bacon (the BEST bacon ever)?


Or maybe the great coffee from the peeps at Lonsdale Street Roasters, who have come up with their own coffee blend, the Griffin, for the cafe?


Or is it that it’s now Licensed – could there be anything nicer than sitting on the grass, well, perched on a camping chair on the grass, with a bottle of Chardonnay or Sav Blanc chilling, a plastic glass in hand, the kids frollicking on the open grassy area and your fish and chips order being cooked as you wait. Maybe you’re watching the sun go down, the bats flying overhead, the soft jazz coming from the speakers, and the full moon rising overhead, enjoying the open space with friends?


Or maybe it’s because stopping off on an early morning bike ride, as they’re open from 8 to 8, 7 days a week, to grab a coffee before the crowds get there, is pretty simple nowadays. Not my bike, I don’t ride.


Or it could be the “Hows the Serenity” moments, no kids, no work, no chores, just me and my coffee n a danish. God, those moments are rare as hens teeth, aren’t they?


There are so many reasons why I can’t rave enough about Snapper. And I hope it does really well in this reincarnation, because speaking to Chef Jojy and Ian, the Clubs new CEO, they’ve got put an awful lot of thought and effort into this place, to make it something that Canberra hasn’t seen before, to bring in families and friends to the area, to enjoy what we’ve got in our backyard. And it really shows.


This is the view that the chefs and guys manning the counters get. Obviously, when it’s packed with customers, it aint so, but still, it’s a pretty good gig. The service is friendly and the 3 times I’ve been, the food comes out super quick.


But, seriously, when this is the view, do you really want your time to go quicker than it should? I think not.


16 thoughts on “Snapper by The Lake @ The Yacht Club, Canberra Southern Cross Club – Review

  1. Lovely review, cant wait to go there – next Wednesday I think! Thanks Fran always good to hear a recommendation from someone who knows and cares. Yum

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  2. Fabulous fish ’n chips in Canberra? Fran, surely you’re making it up! 😉
    This sounds fantastic, and how wonderful to sit there in solo serenity…it does sound like a great venue for a bunch of friend and kids though…

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  3. Good fish and chips is one of the things I miss most about living in a coastal town. I’m totally taking the boys here to check it out. Thanks for the recommendation!

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