Chipotle chicken burritos. Yet another slow cooker recipe


Speaking of Mexican food, want to know how to make your own spicy, tasty, Mehicano burritos for dinner? It’s as easy as uno dos tres cuatro cinco. Take a slow cooker, 5 ingredients, 5 hours and some fridge essentials, and you’ve got a trip to Mexico on your table, without needing a passport. And trust me, getting a passport is hard work.


The ingredients for this super supper are:

  • Chicken breasts, I used 1.5kgs and had enough for dinner for four, leftovers for lunch and a little in the freezer for a busy night. You could also substitute thighs if you prefer
  • A jar of black bean chipotle salsa, by all means use normal salsa if that’s all you have in the pantry
  • Chipotle chilli in adobo sauce, not necessary if you don’t have them, use a bit of extra chilli if you want extra heat
  • 1 pkt taco seasoning
  • 1c sour cream

Throw all the ingredients, except the sour cream, into your slow cooker, no other liquid required, and turn on low. Cooking times will vary depending on your SC. I cooked mine for about 4.5 hours, you’ll know it’s ready when the chicken flakes apart easily. Don’t let it dry out.


Once cooked, shred the chicken and stir in the sour cream. You’ll find there’s enough liquid to make it nice and saucy. I serve mine either of two ways, as nacho’s or burrito’s, with or without rice. The extras are completely up to you, I had lettuce, tomatoes, coriander, avocado and tasty cheese  on hand and steamed up some rice.


How do you like your Mexican? Why didn’t I make that Sangria?



Gracias por leer.

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