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Espresso Room, Tuggeranong – Coffee Reveiw


I’ve decided to review coffee places, as well as everywhere else I eat. We popped into the Hyperdome before a netty game on Saturday to lodge something at the Post Office, only to be told they don’t take lodgements on Saturday. So we went for a coffee instead. I really like the set up of the Espresso Room, it’s a little bit of groovy and trendy in the plain ole Hyperdome. Where, lets face it, its not the centre of  Cool Foodtown, being fondly called Nappy Valley, or Boganville. Hey, I live down here, I can say that. I try to steer clear of the big chain coffee stores, although in saying that, BrewBar opposite the Rivers outlet, does a good flat white. We’ve been a little lacking in original, decent coffee roasters down south, so this place is a bit of fresh air. Photo’s courtesy of Tweenie, yet again.




I haven’t had a chance to eat/drink in as I’m usually keen to get in and out of the ‘Dome, so I can only review the 2 coffees I’ve taken away. My first vanilla flat white, was great, hot, strong, with just enough vanilla to make it sweet, but not sickly sweet. The second, pictured here, was a little light on in the coffee stakes.


I ordered a large one, but shouldn’t have to ask for a strong coffee if a large size is chosen, the strength of coffee should be commensurate. Tweenie’s little hot chocolate certainly was little, but she thoroughly enjoyed it. Lucky I asked for a warm hot chocolate as it was quite warm, any hotter and she wouldn’t have been able to drink it as quickly as she likes to chuck it down.


Didnt get a photo of the counter and blokes behind making the coffee, but it was quite interesting watching these baristas at work.

Will I go back? For sure. I love that there’s a new place to get coffee down here in the ‘Burbs.

Espresso Room

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