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A Mother’s Day High Tea


Mother’s Day on Sunday, it was a lovely day, a busy but lovely day, nonetheless. I offered to cater a high tea at mums house so we could spend some quality time together and not have to worry about the weather, or the kids, or the cost, or the designated drivers. Lunch at mum’s place was relaxing and wonderful, what a Mother’s Day should be.

SO set up my Mother’s Day present from the kids and I enjoyed my first Nespresso pod coffee. It was surprisingly hot, both the milk and the coffee, I’ve had 3 coffees since the first one, and they’ve all been pretty good. SO has since said he’s going to ration my pods, comparing the price difference to his Nescafé. Tightarse.


The menu for our lunch was:

  • Beetroot relish, caramelised onion, blue cheese tart, served with a rocket salad with pomegranate and balsamic dressing
  • Mini bacon and egg rolls, quali eggs, black Gypsy speck, chilli jam and truffle oil
  • Finger sandwhiches – prawn salad; cucumber with lemon herb butter
  • Chocolate yogurt cakes with fresh berries, cream, ice cream and mini meringues

I tried to get quail eggs for my B and E rolls from Fyshwick markets on Saturday, but they’d sold out. Clearly people were doing lots of mini egg dishes for Mother’s Day. But, by the power of social media, I put the call out to my foodie friends from Canberra, on Facebook, and within minutes had several suggestions from the good people on Twitter as to where to source the little suckers. 2 dozen available to pick up from Belconnen Markets, at the Chicken Coop. The bacon and egg rolls were served on semi sourdough rolls, and were a little tough to chew through to get to the tasty stuff. I wish I’d been able to source some brioche rolls, as I really wanted the sweetness and light airy texture of brioche, but no one in Canberra sells them, apparently. Happy to be pointed in the right direction from anyone who knows where to get them!


I’ve never made a beetroot tart before, in fact, having had such a crap oven for the last 8 years, rarely if ever, did I cook with pastry at all. I really enjoyed baking this tart. I used my homemade beetroot relish, and caramelised the onions on Saturday night, assembled it all and cooked it an hour before serving. I popped it into mums oven when I got there for a few minutes to keep it warm, and someone turned the heat up, danggit. I thought it was a touch overcooked, but no one else minded. I’m determined to bake more pastry items with my fabulous new oven. Did I tell you I have a new oven?


The finger sandwhiches were pretty simple. For the prawn salad, mix prawn meat, mayonnaise, lemon juice, dill, salt and pepper and chopped iceberg lettuce, until you’re happy with the mix. Slather it on to white, crust less bread and squish it down til it stays together. For the cucumber sambo’s I sliced cucumber and spread it on buttered white, crust less bread. The butter was a mix of lemon zest, lemon juice, dill, salt and pepper. Cut into thick fingers and refrigerate until required.

Don’t you love it when the kids help you set up for a high tea? Look, I know you’re supposed to encourage the children in the kitchen, to not mind the mess and mixing up of pantry items. I know, as a good, conscientious motherly mother, I’m supposed to let the children free in my kitchen, to experiment, taste, and develop their own taste buds, but damn, I can’t stand kids in my kitchen. They make a mess, lick their fingers then stick them straight in the bowl, drop food on the floor then pick it up and eat it, or mush it into the tiles, crackin eggs onto the bench top, throwing flour across everything…

Anyway, look at my pretty reconstructed sandwiches.


Tweenie and her Nanny did a wonderful job of creating a pretty and charming table setting for our lunch, and she took many, many photos for me, knowing I’d blog about it. It was hard to choose between them, so here are a few of her favs. Don’t you love all the fresh flowers that are straight out of mum and dads garden.


And one of the whole table.


I thought this was a very cool photo, especially the way she set it up so the background featured lightly.


And one of the beetroot tart.


We drank Moscato, rose and a merlot. Did I get any of the names of the wine? Nope, too busy eating, drinking and talking to take any notice.

I posted the recipe for the chocolate yogurt cake here.


Instead of a big cake,I decided to make these into cupcakes to fit within our high tea theme. Keep an eye out for a post on these particular ones, as I’m entering these into a competition to win the role of a food blogger for a major Mama website, and changed the original recipe to suit. Exciting!


The weather was beautiful, the food was enjoyable, the wine flowed freely, Tweenie was a joy to have around, but Buddy had to be taken home as he’s been sick, the flu we think. I ended the evening siting on the couch cuddling a sick toddler, watching rubbish tv, eating leftover chilli prawn spaghetti.

Just a very typical day in my comfortable, happy life as a mum.


5 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day High Tea

  1. Happy Mommas Day to you! Looks like you were royally spoilt. 🙂 I love Nespresso, we have the original machine, but Id love a pretty colourful one like yours. Haha, I don’t like kids in the kitchen either, its the only time I lose my cool calm and collected self, and feel slightly violent. LOL! Thanks for sharing your High Tea. Lovely spread! 🙂

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    1. Thanks, Anna. It was quite carb heavy, as my dad pointed out the next day, lol. Will go salads next time. I have to hide the fact that kids in my kitchen make me very stabby, apparently as a mother I should encourage and nurture their time in the kitchen. Nope, just can’t come at it.

      Liked by 1 person

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