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To HUG or not to HUG….this is my question!!!!


ooh, ahh, giggle and wine


Don’t get me wrong….I’ll hug my family, I’m not that much of an Anti-Hugger.

I just find hugging all other’s AWKWARD!!!!

I recently came across one of those quote things that you get on the internet that stated –

‘Who invented Hugs?  I mean the first hug, would have been soooooo awkward. ‘what are you doing? Why are you holding me?’ to which the hugger replies “Shhh just trust me”.

I get that….I totally get that.  All I could think of was what was the huggee doing with their arms, if they didn’t know what the hugger was doing?

There are too many things that can go wrong with a hug in my opinion. 

The You are too tall and I am too short Hug. There are height issues that need to be thoroughly addressed, before going in for a hug.  I have a friend, who is quite a…

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