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Chocolate yoghurt cake


I’m sitting here at 1.06am watching a music program, while I unwind after a particularly long day. We went down to Albury and back in one day for my Grandfathers 80th birthday party. I was asked to bake a few things, as that’s what I do for family functions, I cook. So, I was up late last night and made Raspberry and Coconut slice ( one of Grandma’s fav and fab slices) and Chocolate and yoghurt cake, as I had a litre of Greek yoghurt in the fridge.


Lunch for Poppa was at the Commercial Club, otherwise known as the Albury Golf club, and it was great, a review is on it’s way. A quick dinner with the extended fam back at the house and we were back in the car. Although Grandma’s funeral was only 10 days ago, it was such a great catch up, life goes on, and all who loved her were there to share in Poppa’s day. He was so stoked xxx

It’s always a gamble putting Buddy in the car at night, he’s a pretty ordinary traveller at the best of times. I had high hopes that he’d be so knackered after a big day out, that he’d sleep the whole way home. Nup. He slept for an hour then cracked a massive tantrum that saw him needing his ventolin, and me needing a stiff drink. SO got in the back to calm the angry, young man and I drove. It was raining, foggy and dark. And then my petrol light came on. Coulda cried. Luckily, we weren’t too far from the Yass servo.

Suffice to say, it was not our finest family moment in the car.

But, the good thing is, we’re home safe and sound and I had the foresight to bring home the smaller of the 2 chocolate cakes, and it’s a mighty tasty salve for my bo jangled nerves. Everyone’s in bed asleep and I’m watching teenage music and eating cake. Btw, just watched the new Katie Perry clip, Birthday, she’s pretty funny, it’s cool clip!

I got the recipe for this cake here and followed it almost exactly. The only change was I added 50ml less water and 50ml more yoghurt. And doubled the recipe. And added white chocolate chips to the smaller cake.


It’s a lovely cake, quite dense and a little tangy, not too sweet at all, like a mud cake. I cannot wait until I’m able to bake this in my new oven.

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