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A red wine whine.

I never remember what my favourite red wines are. I have a note saved on my iPhone of 4 wines that have tickled my fancy, but considering how much red wine I drink, that’s not enough. I know I’ve drunk some wonderful red wines, but perhaps I just don’t recall them after a glass or 3. I’ve been to so many wine nights, and I still can’t pick a fav off the top of my head. It might be McGuigans Black label red, but that could be because its all I drank in my early 20’s. I was suave and a real wine connisewer in my early 20’s…

Joking. Really.

I’ve decided to reach out to my Facebook friends to give me suggestions for decent red wines under $20. I might drink a lot, but I’m still on a budget. There are a few whites thrown in for good measure, mustn’t be wineist.

So, if you like a good wine, know its good value, check out my Facebook page and share your palates.

Red Red Wiiiine.

4 thoughts on “A red wine whine.

  1. Its a little out of the budget, but Ladies who Shoot their Lunch Shiraz is amazingly delicious and only $26.00. Grant Burge Benchmark Shiraz is pretty great too, I think Ive seen that below $20.00. Angove Chalk Hill Blue Cabernet Merlot is about $22.00. All worthy of spending a few extra quid I reckon. Like Lorraine, I take pics of my fav anythings really, great reference of whats good. Hope you are enjoying your travels.


    1. Thanks, Anna. I’ve started taking photos of all the wines I enjoy, now, so I can remember them. Grant Burge is usually pretty good, my fav Sparkling Shiraz is a Grant Burge. I’ll keep an eye out for your suggestions when I want to splurge 😉 A girls gotta drink good wine every now and again. I tell you what, I’m over cocktails, here in Bali, and am gagging for a nice glass of red. One thing I’m looking forward to when I get home!


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