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I’m still here (hand waving madly)!


It’s been a long and draining two weeks. I haven’t had a chance to do a post for a few weeks, as many things have happened, I’m exhausted just thinking about it all. The biggest and hardest to deal with was the passing of my Grandma a few days before Easter. She’d battled an illness for a long time, and even though we all thought she’d live forever, she finally gave in. I feel so blessed that I was able to spend a few days with her, where we could talk as we always had. I sobbed my heart out as I said my last goodbye, forever, to her, she rubbed my hand and told me that we all have to go sometime, and that it was her time, and it was ok. Even at a time such as that, she was dignified, poignant and wise. She still managed to make me feel special, all the while knowing her fate.

Faith like that is hard to come by, and she will always be the best person I’ve ever known.

So, in the last two weeks:

  • The kids have been on school hols
  • We had a special, special funeral
  • We had a huge family Easter, our first without Grandma
  • We stayed in 2 different share houses and a motel with 5 other families, and 8 kids over 14 days
  • We visited Mansfield, Victoria
  • We camped in a squatters hut in the High Country
  • We took a serious 4wd drive up to Craig’s Hut
  • We spent 13 hours in the car to get home in one day
  • I bought whitegoods!

There will be many more posts to come. I hope you stick around.

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