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In My Kitchen – April 2014

I was reading another blog called Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, and the writer, Celia, creates posts called In My Kitchen. It’s a snapshot in time of what’s in her kitchen for that month, and Celia asks other bloggers to do their own IMK and link it back to her blog. It’s so the world can see what’s going on in other people’s kitchens. It’s fascinating for a vouyeur like me. And I want to join in.

In My Kitchen…

…Is my new, expensive, egg blue platter, for which I shall use to display all the wonderful items I shall bake. $4 at Vinnies. Win.


…Is my new set of 6 little red bowls that SO bought me from Aldi’s so I can put little bits and pieces into. He has NEVER bought me anything for the kitchen, so this shall be celebrated.


…Is the wonderfully colourful array of summer veg that I’m turning into wonderful jars of stuff.


…Is a jar of the most fantastic lemon curd I’ve ever made. In fact it’s the first jar of lemon curd I’ve ever made. Thanks go to Not Quite Nigella for a recipe that had all my workmates congratulating me.


…Is the latest purchase of hair equipment to lock up Tweenie’s blonde locks. A bun makerer. Her hair is done every day of the week In My Kitchen.

…And making their debut In My Kitchen throughout April are the set of 6 cups and saucers given to me by a wonderful lady at work from her recently passed mother, it was a treat to sip my tea and eat my pav with these. So special.

…Last but not least, are my jars of Fig and Kiwi Fruit jam, and Tomato jam. Jarred mid March, used daily. Travelling across the countryside for an Easter family reunion.


16 thoughts on “In My Kitchen – April 2014

  1. Welcome, nice to peek into your kitchen. I love places like Vinnies, many a wonderful photography prop has been purchased there. Aren’t homemade pickles the best!


  2. Look at those tomatoes! And that gorgeous blue plate – I used to haunt Vinnie and Anglicare until Pete told me I wasn’t allowed to bring any more stuff home. 🙂 Beautiful lemon curd, and love your little red bowls – truly something to be celebrated (hopefully you did something wonderful with the sesame oil and soy in the background as well too! :))!


  3. I’m from Canberra too! Your Lemon curd looks scrummy indeed, and I adore tomato jam. I have that plate in cream- we must both have great taste 🙂


  4. I’m such a fan of recycling and upcycling so I’m glad those cups went to a 2nd home and that you rescued that platter. I had a milk jug that matched the platter perfectly but included in a Mother’s Day hamper for the school as it was too small. Perhaps you’ll see it around! Thanks for the tour.


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