Chicken, chorizo and eggplant – a midweek pasta

I had some sad news about a well liked work colleague today, passing well before his time. It was a shock and I don’t quite know how to feel about it. I came home from work and Tweenie and I pottered around the backyard with the chooks, laughing at them, scolding them for pecking at each other, checking on Little Ninja and feeding her some weetbix with milk as a treat away from the bossy others. We picked the remaining tomatoes and capsicums and checked out the new growth in the herb garden.

I regretted sending Buddy off for a sleepover at his Nanna’s as I felt I wanted him here with me, but I know he’ll be having a very lovely time over there getting thoroughly spoilt by his loved ones. The last thing on my mind was cooking dinner, I just wanted to crash with Tweenie and watch MKR and Resurrection. But, life goes on, we were all hungry and Tweenie wanted pasta.
I had lots of Shakshuka sauce, eggplants from dad’s garden, chorizo and a chicken breast. That’s all I needed.
Fry off the chorizo to get all the paprika oils into the pan. Add the eggplant so it soaks up all the oils and goes all brown and soft.
Remove the chorizo and eggplant and add the chicken, fry til almost cooked. Add the chorizo, eggplant and Shakshuka sauce and cook til the chicken is tender. Add your cooked pasta, and stir through til all is melded together and saucy. I had some cream and added it to make it a little saucier, it’s not necessary though. Serve it up.
Dinner was done, which left me the rest of the evening to do nothing but cuddle up on the couch, drink hot chocolate, eat ice cream with chocolate topping and watch our favourite telly shows.

Enjoy the simple things. They matter the most.

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