Fiery Fridge Fusili


With nothing planned for dinner, I decided to raid the fridge, garden and pantry. I had leftover roast chicken, homemade passata, purple capsicums, red and yellow banana Chillis, basil, garlic, broccolini, cream and fusilli pasta. Perfect pasta dish! Or so I thought. On checking the red and yellow banana chillies, I thought “hmmm, how sweet they are”. Chopped them up, chucked them in, along with a tsp of chilli paste, all the other ingredients and bang a gong we’re on. Dinner is served.

Holy crap, that’s hot. My nose started to run, the 3 yr old started to cry but continued to eat it through the tears, the 11 yr old immediately swapped hers for a bowl of cold pasta and sour cream, Significant Other stoically ate his but did not go back for seconds.

Probably should’ve deseeded the chillies.

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